6 Facts And What To Expect At KTREW Tattoo

Updated: Aug 18

It's safe to say that tattoos are as popular as ever, and across the Midlands there are hundreds of Tattoo Studios to choose from. The age old ritual of permanently marking your skin remains an important part of everyday life and culture world-wide. With so many tattoo studios and artists to choose from, it's only right that we tell you a bit about ourselves and how we like to offer up this ritual. Here's what you need to know about KTREW Tattoo.

1. Katie-Who?

⃠ No Katies kitties!

KTREW is pronounced 🔊”K. True”

Our female tattooist and owner is called Kirstie. The ‘Trew’ part is a much simplified version of a very long surname. So now you know :)

The Jubilee Centre building within which KTREW Tattoo shop is located

2. Am I in the right place??

On arrival, your first question is likely to be...am I in the right place? We're a small independent tattoo studio, located in Birmingham City Centre. We’re within walking distance of Birmingham New Street station, and The Bullring Shopping Centre. We love to be in the mix of our great city, and to us this means we like our surroundings a bit gritty, industrial, diverse, and at the heart of creative goings on in the city.

You'll find us in ‘Unit M2’ at the Jubilee Centre, a giant redbrick industrial looking multi-use building at the junction of Sherlock and Pershore Street. We're a stone's throw from Birmingham's vibrant Gay Village, and the famous Chinese Quarter and Arcadian are also nearby. The Jubilee Centre is home to a hive of local business including printers, industrial fabricators, recording studios, creative designers and artists.

We're a little unusual in that unlike a lot of Tattoo Studios in Birmingham, we don't have a shop front or signage that's visible from the road. The building is not accessible to the public, but on arrival you can call us and

we'll come and let you in.

front door of the jubilee centre building within which KTREW Tattoo studio is located

3. I made it inside!

(Am I'm in the right place Pt2!)

Of course we provide all the cleanliness and hygiene control you'd expect from our professional tattoo studio, but we like to keep things low key and relaxed too, so expect a small cosy environment. We like to make customers as comfortable as possible, and we don't go in for 'cool' or bravado here. So come in, claim the space and get settled in. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and inclusive approach to welcome customers.

4. What's the process?

You'll be communicating directly with our tattoo artists throughout from booking through to aftercare. On arrival, you may find that the pace is a little slower compared to a larger studios, but on the upside, we think this is a more personal approach. It's important that you feel part of the process and it's a more effective way to create a tattoo unique to you. Our one off designs are not tattooed again so they remain personal to you. Most of our bookings are via appointment, but we also offer walk-in appointments on Sundays. We're one of the few tattoo studios in Birmingham open on a Sunday, so call before you drop in to check availability.

You can view all our Terms and Conditions here.

5. What style of tattooing do we specialise in?

We offer a wide range of different styles, but tend to specialise in blackwork, linework, geometric, dotwork and illustrative style tattooing. For examples of our tattoo work, tattoo designs available, and regular offers, go to our website gallery, or our Facebook and Instagram pages.

6. What's different about us?

Take a look through our Google reviews to get an idea of why our customers love us. We are without exception, a friendly place for all customers. We're the perfect place to get your first tattoo, to come for a memento of a weekend away, or as your regular local haven. We offer free consultations – if you're anxious about being tattooed for any reason, come and see us and have a look around, we guarantee it will help make the appointment itself easier. We can ensure you have the studio to yourself if you'd prefer a private environment. We are an LGBT owned business and an LGBT+ safe space. We are proud to be building a following within the LGBT+ community.

Come and see us :)

If you'd like to make an enquiry with us about getting tattooed here’s how to get in touch. All tattoo bookings are done via email. Please send your enquiry to info@ktrewtattoo.com. Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram messages are not checked for enquiries as we like to keep everything in one place. We made a handy email template which you can find on our website here. See you soon :)

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