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6 Important Things You Should Consider When Planning Your Next Tattoo In 2020

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Arguably, there are as many ‘styles’ of tattooing, and different ways tattoo studios operate, as there are Tattooists. So where the heck do you start when you want to book in for a tattoo in 2020?? Don’t worry pickle - we got you! Here’s some information and tips to set you off on the right path to Tatt-varna!

1. Tattoo Styles

Before you take steps to book in with a studio, it’s good to be aware of the style of tattooing the studio or the artist specialises in. Take time to do some research and follow studios and artists so that you can see a good range of their work and get to know their style. It seems like an obvious suggestion, but if it’s a realistic portrait you’re after, then approaching a studio who mostly do dotwork, and blackwork tattooing is not necessarily going to get you the results you want. Therefore, it makes sense to look for a portrait artist who is doing similar tattoos on a regular basis.

There are some general styles of tattooing that you should have an awareness of to get you at least heading in the right direction towards the right artist for you. Do you know your Trad from your Trash Polka?

You can find a much more comprehensive description of tattoo styles here. But in the meantime, we’ve put together a quick list for you. There are too many styles to name, but here’s a list of some of the main ones you’re likely to come across. You can also use these terms as hashtags when you’re searching for artists online for example...

  • Traditional/American Traditional & Neo-traditional

  • Realism/Photorealism.

  • Watercolor

  • Tribal & Neo-tribal

  • New School.

  • Irezumi (Traditional Japanese)

  • Blackwork.

  • Dotwork

  • Geometric

  • Biomechanical

  • Trash Polka

  • Linework/Minimalist

  • Single Needle

  • Ignorant Style

  • Hand-poked

Having said all this, there are experienced tattooists out there who work across all styles. If you find someone local you like, you can always ask them to send you recent examples of work they’ve done in the style you like.

2. Do Your Research

We definitely recommend keeping it local if you can! Use Google, Facebook and Instagram to search for tattooists working in your style of choice local to you. Guaranteed there will be an artist relatively nearby that specialises in the type of style you like. Pick a few artists or studios whose work is appealing to you, and follow their work for a while and check out their reviews.

Another thing to remember…word of mouth is still King! It’s a reassuring thing that despite all the digital platforms out there, one thing that remains a steadfast way to find a good tattooist is through word of mouth. Nothing beats a recommendation from someone you know who has already had a good experience with the artist and who has healed work that you can see. Hit up your friends who have tattoos you like and see what they have to say.