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Are you a secret Pinterest fiend? :) Been squirreling away screenshots for months? Great! Then bring your tattoo inspiration with you or send them to us. We don't copy other artists' original work but we can combine/tweak/buff up your body modification ideas into something unique to you.

We also pride ourselves on working with customer tattoo ideas and references to create large bespoke custom tattoo designs (such as large back pieces or sleeve designs) that are real one-offs.

Don’t know what you want? No worries - we regularly post original and alternative tattoo designs created by our tattoo artist, KTREW on our Instagram and Facebook pages along with a set price, so you know exactly what we’re offering and what price it will be.

Look out for our regular offers. These tattoos are one-offs, so once you bag the design you can be sure that we won’t be using it again for anyone else.

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