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​To make sure our studio is a good match for you, please view our Artists' individual portfolios:


The best way to get in touch with us is to fill in the form below for tattoo enquiries.

Use the guide below the form on what photos we require from you as references.

Tattoo Enquiry Form

tattoo style

Thank you! You'll hear from us soon!

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Body Placement Photo

Draw your measurements on the photo and circle the exact spot where you would like the tattoo. It's best to take the photo in good daylight and get someone else to take the photo for you or use the timer from 1-2 metres away. NO SELFIES (in a mirror or pointing camera to yourself) as it will be back to front and not the right angle. We design tattoos to fit your individual shape and work with existing tattoos or scarring you may have.

Tattoo Style Photo

By coming to us we're assuming that you want a tattoo in the style of one of our artists. It's best to send us a couple of photos that are the same style so we can determine accurately what you're looking for style-wise. Please pick a couple of examples from our artists' portfolio to show the style you like. You can include tattoos by other artists but please bear in mind it will be redesigned in the style of one of our artists.

tattoo measurements reference.jpg
Abstract Sleeve Tattoo by Kirstie at KTREW Tattoo.jpg

We aim to respond within 5 working days.


Note: If you're still waiting for a response from us after the waiting time, please check your spam folder.  

Find us here:


Our birmingham tattoo shop is situated inside The Jubilee Centre building, by the small roundabout on the map.

The main entrance is next to Naj & Sam's Flowers.

Weekdays: Please call us and wait in reception. Don't press the buzzer or tailgate others into the building.


Weekends: Please call us and wait by the wooden door.

KTREW Tattoo Studio

The Jubilee Centre

130 Pershore Street


B5 6ND


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