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Our terms and conditions are sent to all customers before they decide to book in.

By placing a deposit with us, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, and agreeing to take responsibility for adhering to them.

Before you decide to book, please be aware:

  • Under The Tattooing of Minors Act 1969, it is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18. Parental consent is not accepted.

  • KTREW Tattoo is a strictly 'no under 18s' environment. No babies or children are allowed in the studio.

  • At your appointment, you’ll be asked to fill out a consent form. You'll be expected to disclose information about health conditions and medications. Certain conditions, medications, or medical histories will mean we can’t tattoo you. You can preview the consent form here.
    Confidential information is stored in accordance with record-keeping requirements from the Local Authority and disposed of in line with GDPR guidelines. Completed forms are kept in locked storage and shredded when no longer needed.


  • If, on the day of your tattoo, your skin is showing signs of inflammation, damage, or infection, we won’t be able to tattoo you. This could include if your skin is already showing signs that you’ve had an allergic reaction to something, if you’re having a flare-up of eczema or acne, any cuts, sunburn or peeling skin, severe dryness, fungal infection, scratches, blisters, or areas of broken or cracked skin. Tattoos can cause flare-ups of existing skin conditions, even if they are not near your planned tattoo site. 

    A skin flare-up elsewhere, indicates an elevated immune system response, meaning that the skin will not react well to a tattoo. So please consider how your skin is doing as a whole.
    We expect each customer to monitor this and let us know if they have any concerns with as much notice as possible. If it's not safe to tattoo you on the day of your appointment, your deposit will not be refunded.


  • We cannot tattoo you if you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding.

  • You need to leave at least 2 weeks between your tattoo, and a vaccine (including a Covid or Flu vaccine).

  • You need to leave at least 4 weeks between your tattoo and any minor cosmetic procedures (like dermal fillers, botox, cosmetic tattooing, or micro blading), dentistry, or minor injuries.

  • For any other operations, chemo, ongoing hospital treatment, medication, or anything else you're not sure about, please consult with your GP, and check with us before booking in.

  • We don’t copy artwork or tattoos by other artists unless you’ve provided us with proof of permission from the original artist.

  • Your tattoo design will not be available until the day of your appointment. Designs will be drawn in the style of the artist, so please review their most recent work and make sure you are familiar with the style of tattooing being offered. You can review our artist portfolios and reviews on Instagram and Google. There’s always plenty of time on the day to discuss sizing and placement and to make any small changes to the design you’d like.

  • We don’t allow you to consult with friends and family on the phone during your appointment, about your design or placement of it. It’s really important that each person being tattooed is 100% in control of the process, for their own body. We need to be sure we have your consent without outside influence, and be confident you are able to take responsibility for your own decision-making as part of the process. Your artist will support you with advice, and help you try out different sizing and placement options.

  • If you’re planning to use numbing cream, you must let us know in advance. Failure to do so could result in us not being able to tattoo you on the day, and loss of your deposit. Numbing cream changes the texture of your skin and can make the process difficult for the artist, cause a reaction, or complicate the healing process, so it’s up to the individual artist if they will agree to tattoo you with it on.

  • We do not undertake offensive or racist tattoos.

  • An artist may decide not to tattoo you for reasons of cultural appropriation. Some popular tattoos derive from imagery or quotes sacred to different cultures or religions. Please take time to consider this. If you’re not sure, googling your idea + 'cultural appropriation’ may help. If the artist has concerns, they will discuss them with you ahead of your appointment.


Booking Your Appointment:

  • A minimum £50 deposit is required in advance to book a tattoo appointment. A deposit is required for each tattoo, even if you’re getting them on the same day. The deposit is payable via Bank Transfer.

  • The booking deposit is non-refundable.

  • Once a deposit is received, we'll discuss and agree on an appointment date and time. Please choose a day when you have no set plans to give yourself a stress free day, and plenty of time to get here, and relax after you tattoo.

  • We will always send you a booking confirmation email to confirm your appointment date and time.

Your Appointment:

  • If you need to rearrange your appointment we ask for a minimum of 10 days’ notice. If you give us 10 days' notice, we can transfer your deposit to a new date. Failing to give 10 days' notice will result in losing your deposit.

  • If you decide you want to change what you’re getting for your tattoo, please tell us well in advance. Our artists spend time creating your design before your appointment which can take a long time.
    There is always time on the day for resizing and small tweaks, but your appointment may be one of many that day, and we don’t want to rush design changes.


  • Please don’t come to your tattoo appointment if you are feeling unwell. We’re a small business, and staff illness has a big impact on us. Our artists are from the same household, so illness could result in the studio closing completely for some time.
    If you don’t feel well, just give us as much notice as you can - contact us by email at least 2 hours before your appointment.
    If you’ve been ill, have started to feel better but may still be contagious, please don't come in.
    If you need to rearrange because you’re unwell, or recovering from illness, your appointment must be rescheduled within the following 30 days. Your deposit will be carried over to the new appointment. If you are ill a second time and give less than 10 days’ notice, the deposit will then be lost.


  • All customers must bring photo ID (such as a passport or driving licence) with them on the day regardless of age.

  • Arrive at the scheduled time of your appointment (not early or late). Our artists need time to prepare the studio for you. So please don’t call early as they will be maintaining hygiene protocols and wearing PPE while setting up, and appreciate not being interrupted during this process.

  • If you’re more than 20 minutes late for your appointment, you’ll be charged at our hourly rate for the lost time, plus the cost of your tattoo. We reserve the right not to tattoo you, if there’s not enough time for us to complete the tattoo before our next appointment, or before we close. In this case, your deposit will be lost.

  • When you arrive at The Jubilee Centre, you won’t see any signage or shop front. We’re a private space not visible from the street. The building may look closed but don’t worry, we are there. You will need to call us when you arrive outside the building, and we will come and let you in. Please see our ‘Location’ Stories Highlight on Instagram.

  • The Jubilee Centre is a private building. Don’t tailgate others inside to ‘‘try and find us’, or press buzzers to be let in. Call us on the number provided, and we’ll come and collect you.

  • When we collect you and open the main door, you may hear a loud alarm going off. This can be startling for some customers. If you’re noise sensitive you may want to put earphones in. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to change this as it's part of the security system for the wider building.

  • When you enter the studio you will be asked to sanitise your hands. Facemasks are optional and available for free at the studio entrance, if you want one.

  • Once inside the studio, stay in the waiting area, and don’t cross the 'no entry' line on the floor, until you are asked to by a tattooist. Tattoo stations are sterilised, covered, and zoned to maintain proper hygiene for each customer. Do not place bags, coats, or phones onto furniture within the sterile tattoo areas, (such as the tattoo bed, or artists' stations) unless instructed to do so.

  • The time a tattoo takes depends on lots of factors - there’s time needed to fill in the consent form, discuss the design and make any tweaks, discuss sizing and placement, accommodate the customer if they're nervous, make the stencil, do the actual tattoo, go through aftercare, and process payment. During which time the customer and the artist may need to take breaks.

    Other factors are; the placement of your tattoo, how well you can sit, how well your skin is suited to being tattooed, and generally how busy the studio is on the day.
    Given all of this….please don’t ask us how long your tattoo will take.
    We honestly don’t know. Our artists’ priority is getting the best result with your tattoo, and that should be your priority too.

    Having someone waiting nearby, who is calling or messaging asking ‘are you done yet?’ tends to stress out the customer and makes the artist feel rushed. Getting a tattoo is not like getting a haircut or your nails done - it’s permanent. Please respect the process and know that we will do all we can to make you comfortable.


  • Avoid drinking alcohol, and energy drinks like Red Bull 24 hours before your appointment.

  • Make sure you ate well around 2 hours before your appointment and bring sweet snacks, and food & drink with you, even if it’s just a small tattoo. If you’re booked in for a day sitting, please make sure you bring a good lunch with you.

  • Do not bring anyone with you to your tattoo appointment. We're a private studio with a quiet, calm environment. Also, due to the size of our studio, we try to keep the number of people to a minimum.

    Do not bring someone in the hope that there will be an exception (unless there are special circumstances, and we have agreed to it in advance via email).

    It’s the customer’s responsibility to let friends and family know ahead of time that they can’t come in.
    By making our artists responsible for turning people away on the day, surprise and frustration are unfairly directed at our staff. Especially if someone has travelled with you, and taken time out to be there. Suddenly finding themselves being denied access, and on their own in an unfamiliar area for a few hours isn’t pleasant.

    Please take responsibility to tell friends and family ahead of time that they can’t come in to avoid an awkward start to your appointment.

    Family and friends are welcome to escort you to the building entrance and say hello. Please feel free to make calls or send messages to them during your appointment to let them know you’re ok.

    If you are feeling particularly anxious, or have any personal safety concerns, you and a friend or family member can arrange a time with us via email, to pop in and have a look around when the studio is empty.


  • We have stress balls, fidget toys, and blankets available during your appointment. We can also adjust lighting and music and offer quiet appointments if needed.

  • Don’t bring any unnecessary bags (e.g. shopping/luggage).

  • If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or we suspect that you are, you will be asked to leave and your deposit will not be refunded.

  • If we suspect that you have illegal drugs with you, you will be asked to leave and your deposit will not be refunded.​​

  • Tattoo aftercare instructions will be attached to your booking confirmation email. It's your responsibility to follow the tattoo aftercare advice we provide. We only recommend using aftercare cream specifically made for tattoos. We have a trusted vegan brand available for sale at the studio, or you can buy some online prior to your appointment.

  • We accept cash, bank transfer, or contactless payment.
    Bank Transfer or cash is preferred.


  • KTREW Tattoo reserves the right to refuse to tattoo you for any reason.

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