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As well as machine-made tattoos, we also offer stick and poke tattoos, also known as ‘hand-poke’. It’s an old tattoo tradition that does not involve any electricity. The tattoos are hand pushed into the skin, using a sterilised tattoo needle. Relatively, this method is time-consuming, where hours are required to get a small tattoo done, so always make sure that if you book one, it’s on a day where you don’t need to be anywhere else but the tattoo studio. The same approach goes for any tattoo you book with us.
Generally, a stick and poke tattoo will heal faster than a machine-based tattoo but this depends on your skin (which varies from one person to another) and how you look after it. We would recommend to look after your tattoo in the same way you would a machine-based tattoo, to keep it clean and heal in the best possible quality. 

stick and poke cassette tape fine-line tatto
stick and poke red panda tattoo.JPG
stick and poke spray paint can fine-line ta

Are Stick and Pokes permanent?

Yes they are, providing the correct tattoo tools are used. Fading is a possibility depending on how delicate the design you choose, the thicker the lines, the better. That's not to say that fineline stick and pokes are not possible but just make sure you search for a reputable artist to do this for you as this style is less forgiving when it comes to wobbly lines if not executed well and will likely either fade or blow out. Any tattoo will fade overtime, regardless of whether it’s done with a machine or by hand anyway so you may need to revisit for a touch-up or a top-up to maintain the quality of your tattoo.

Are Stick an Poke tattoos more painful than machine-made tattoos?

This method causes less trauma to the skin but you will still feel pain as it’s a bunch of needles entering your skin or body. It depends where you get tattooed so in comparison, getting a tattoo on your forearm will hurt less than your ribs or any other sensitive part of the body. It will also depend on your chosen artist and their technique. If they’re heavy-handed then chances are, it will hurt more and possibly cause blowouts if needles get pushed into deeper layers of the skin than necessary, so choose your artist wisely.

stick and poke disney pocahontas skull black
stick and poke elephant fine-line tattoo.JPG
stick and poke bee blackwork tattoo.JPG

So why get a Stick and Poke tattoo when you can get a machine tattoo much quicker?

A stick and poke or hand-poke tattoo is both a method and a particular style of tattoos. Sure yes electricity exists now so what’s the point? Getting a Stick and Poke tattoo is a different experience altogether and some say it’s relaxing or spiritual! Our tattoo artist, Pokeyhontas is originally from The Philippines, where the ancient hand tap tattoo method is still practiced today so this is the closest she can be to her cultural roots!


Are Stick and Poke or Hand-Poke tattoos cheaper?


Short answer is no. Stick and Poke or Hand-Poke  tattoos are priced the same as machine-made tattoos. It takes just as much effort, if not more, to create skin art by hand. Because the needle is continuously poked into the skin rather than glided, it takes a good technique to ensure correct depth into the skin each time.Tattoo artists tend to charge less initially if they’re trying to build a portfolio as apprentices but generally, you should find them to be priced the same.

For more info on this method of tattooing, click here.


If you’re interested in getting a Stick and Poke tattoo, Pokeyhontas is based at our tattoo shop in Birmingham. If you wish to see a regularly updated portfolio and to take advantage of offers, please head over to Instagram and follow @pokeyhontastattoo

If you wish to enquire or book an appointment in general for machine tattoos please email or send us a Whatsapp message on +447872103151

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