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6 Most Popular Fine Line Tattoo Designs

First of all, what is a fine line tattoo? A fine line tattoo consists of super thin lines but the design itself is not too small. This is because tattoo ink spreads in the skin over time. To avoid having lines merge into one another and lose the effectiveness of the design as it ages, you want to have space for the lines to breathe. A fine line tattoo is achieved by using a tattoo needle that contains fewer needles such as a 3RL, with only three needles. This tattoo style is definitely more tricky from the tattoo artist's viewpoint as it requires a steady and precise hand, leaving very little room for error. Say you wanted a tattoo that looks elegant or if you're looking to get something a little more discreet, this is definitely the style to go for.

So, can we interest you in something beautiful and delicate? While some of us get tattoos that have personal meanings behind them, others get them for the simple reason that they like the designs. Whatever the reason, fine line tattoos' popularity is undeniable and people are requesting to get them tattooed, left, right and centre.

There's a huge demand for fine line tattoos in Birmingham, UK, so what tattoo designs are people getting tattooed when it comes to the style of fine line?

1. Rose Probably the most asked for design goes to roses. Rose tattoos are frequently requested because of how beautiful they are and placement-wise they can pretty much go anywhere on the body, depending on the size.

Tattoos by Kirstie at KTREW Tattoo - Birmingham, UK

2. Bee

Honey, beehive and come to get your bee tattoos! Aside from the fact that bees are beautiful, they're also the symbol of work and diligence amongst other things. Bees represent so many things and people get them tattooed for one of those reasons. Some people simply find them cute (I'm talking about those fluffy Bumble bees).

Tattoos by Kirstie at KTREW Tattoo - Birmingham, UK

3. Pets We love to pay homage to our beloved pets and what better way to show them how much we love them than getting them permanently tattooed on us?! Cute animal tattoos always get the 'awww' reaction, unless you don't like animals, in which case, how could you not?

Tattoo by Kirstie at KTREW Tattoo - Birmingham, UK

4. Lettering

It might be a quote from your favourite book, lucky number, spouse's name, a word that holds memories, meaning or a source of motivation. Lettering tattoos come in all fonts and sizes but getting them tattooed in fine line style achieves a nice minimalistic tattoo.

Tattoos by Kirstie at KTREW Tattoo - Birmingham, UK

5. Floral Sprigs