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8 Small Silver Linings We Found During Lockdown

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

It’s June. But that’s almost irrelevant. Time is now only measured in banana breads - “it’s been 3 banana breads since my last haircut”.

Despite the majority of life now being virtual, the emotional rollercoaster of lockdown is real. We’re looking for the silver linings in the dark COVID cloud. Our business has been closed since before the lockdown, when we took the decision not to put ourselves and customers at risk. At present we don't know when it will be safe to open again.

However, before you read on, we want to acknowledge that our experience has been incredibly lucky and privileged. While some of our family and friends are key workers, everyone is safe, and healthy to date, and everyone is lucky enough to be able to eat, and keep a roof over their heads. We know that is not the awful reality for a lot of people.

Talking about these lighthearted snapshots won’t change the impacts of the pandemic. But along the way, these moments have provided us with a little bit of much needed joy.

Here are our favourite oddities, quirks, and funny moments from lockdown life so far.

1. Mama fights back

Lockdown has given Mother Nature some respite from the virus that is human beings. One of our favourite things so far was when things got Gaian! The pictures of herds of wild goats taking over the deserted streets of Llandudno made our Blursday.

2. Frock Up Fridays

What started as another one of those quirky Facebook groups, turned into the raddest support network. You know those Facebook groups we mean.... There’s ‘Accidental Renaissance Paintings’ for cultured Facebookery, ‘Altered Urbex’ for that edgy new hobby you’ll always be too frightened to take up, ‘What Broke Vegans Eat’ for all those recipes you’ll never be bothered to make, and of course ‘ TK Maxx Gallery of Horrors’, because...well...UNDER HIS CLAW!

Anyway….my new favourite group is Frock Up Friday. ‘ FUF’ started as a way to cheer us all up once a week while unable to go out. But as people began to share pictures of themselves dressed up, they also shared their stories. From dealing with lockdown divorces and re-emerging exes, family bereavement, support worker struggles, to general feelings of isolation and low self esteem. Cautiously expressed stories and pictures were met with positive support, love and encouragement. A wonderful celebration of individuality, self-expression, body positivity, agelessism, and non-binary fabulousness.

3. Banana Bread

Fecking Bananabread. The epitome of a very privileged quarantine experience. Boredom, optimism, expectation, mashing bananas, disappointment, gluttony, and guilt. Repeat.

4. Quarranmeme Virtual Life

Do you know your Tentin Quarrantino, from your Quarrantina Turner? Do you have Cardi-B Corrrronnaviiirus Tourettes? Did you know, Chuck Norris has been exposed to Covid19? (The virus is now in quarantine for 14 days).

We’ve had some japes