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Tattoo Collectors’ Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Updated: Feb 14

Tattoo Collector Christmas Gift Guide Blog Post Cover

Well this year has been a tornado of sh*t so far, to say the least but luckily, Christmas is just around the corner! We all need a pick-me-up and something to look forward to during this difficult time. The majority will start to buy Christmas presents for friends and family around about now, so if you’re struggling for ideas or looking for something different, we hope this Christmas gift guide helps. Not only will you be giving to the most important people in your life, you’ll also be helping a small family business like ours at the same time and so we thank you in advance.

1. Tattoo Gift Vouchers

£50 KTREW Tattoo Gift Voucher photo

Now most people would say that buying gift vouchers is a major cop-out when it comes to gifting but because you can’t shop for a tattoo like you would choose a perfume or jewellery, we would say that we’re completely exempt from this terrible crime. If you know someone who would love to get a tattoo, we have a range of tattoo gift vouchers ranging from £20, £50 up to £100.

Hold your horses! Before you buy them, these vouchers will only be valid at KTREW Tattoo studio in Birmingham, UK so it’s worth checking out our portfolio here or via @ktrewtattoo and @pokeyhontastattoo on Instagram. We do both machine-based tattoos and hand-poked tattoos (we have plenty of info on hand-poked tattoos on the website and via our blog if you’ve never heard of it). Tattoo styles we offer: Fineline, Dotwork, Geometric, Blackwork, Illustrative, Lettering, Hand-poked and Ornamental. We have a few FREE limited edition sticker packs to give away with these vouchers so hurry! Either include them with the gift or simply don’t say a word and keep them for yourself. To purchase our vouchers, click here.

2. Limited Edition Handmade Trinket Dish

KTREW Tattoo x OK.Arts Ceramic Photos

If you put earrings on a table, a bookshelf, any shelf, window sill and just about anywhere around the house then chances are, you’re only wearing one earring like me, resembling a 45 year old man going through midlife crisis. If you dream of keeping your matching earrings long-term, it may be time to put them somewhere safe. How about a pretty little handmade trinket dish? Kirstie, our resident tattoo artist collaborated with an amazing local ceramic artist, OKARTS to bring her beautiful designs to life. Each trinket dish has its own quirks and is completely unique to the rest. You can either choose the crescent moon or the sun, buy a single dish or a set!

3. Art Commissions

Kirstie is currently commissioning linework drawings from photos. If you have family, friends or pet photos you wish to transform into linework art, we can send them to you as a PDF file or printed, and framed ready to give away as a Christmas present. Just another way to treasure those memories but this way, you won’t have to hear anybody say “God, don’t I look awful in this photo?! etc etc etc” and that’s just your dog to start with. To enquire, contact us via

4. Handmade Zodiac Constellation Mini Glass Hanging Frame

Star sign pressed flowers are in a glass frame by Kirstie at KTREW Tattoo in Birmingham UK

If you read your horoscope religiously and it’s always 100% accurate, lucky you! Have you ever taken the zodiac compatibility test to see if you and your crush would be a match made in heaven? We have. How is this relevant to the item? It isn’t but if you’ve never done it, this is something to do once you’re done reading this post. If you’re a non-believer, that’s okay we won’t judge, it’s 2020 but what about your friend who does? Wouldn’t they want a zodiac constellation hanging mini frame based on their zodiac sign? They’re made using press dried flowers, encased in a beautiful antique brushed gold glass frame. We only have 5 of these left so hopefully the star sign you’re after is still in stock!

5. Art Prints

Back in the late 90s, I plastered my wall...and my ceiling with Spice Girls posters, much to my mother’s delight. She told me “You better paint the walls after you eventually rip off the paint with all that sellotape!” I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, I thought. I eventually got to the bridge and oh my, the walls looked hideous but luckily, my dad decided to renovate the whole house, so I didn’t have to paint anything. Don’t be like me, buy an art print instead. We have art prints available, all drawn by the talented Kirstie!

T-shirts, Stickers, Socks, Notebooks etc.

We give you more merch!!!!! We have a wide range of merchandise available via Redbubble including narwhal t-shirts, monstera plant stickers, crescent moon mugs, sun cushions and much more. I personally am obsessed with stickers and button pins! We won’t bore you with any more chat. Head over to Redbubble and search for us using ‘ktrew tattoo’ in the search bar. So much stuff! Look at all these bloody goodies:

Redbubble long sleeve photo with Kirstie's Monstera leaves design print

We hope you find something suitable to give to someone this Christmas. We can’t offer any gift wrapping services as we’re terrible at it but we have faith that you will wrap the presents better than we do. Thank you so much for reading this post and we wish you a Happy Christmas! Stay safe x

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